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Enterprise Storage Solutions \ Z Series \ ZJ60B

  • 60 x 3.5”/2.5" Hot-swap hard drives

  • High Reliability: Featuring redundant 80+ Gold power supplies, redundant cooling fans, and Dual-domain SAS expander controllers

  • (1+1 module) maximizes server protection

  • 60-bay Dual-domain and Full Redundancy JBOD Enclosure

10Gix enterprise storage systems category covers Fibre Channel and iSCSI SANs, network-attached storage, multiprotocol systems, direct-attached storage, hard disk drives, solid-state storage, disk controllers, caching appliances, storage virtualization appliances and cloud storage gateway appliances.

6Gb/s SAS Performance Advantage

With data transfer rates of up to 6Gb/s per port, the MegaRAID SAS RAID Controller bring users new features and improved performance, while continuing to support all the features of the previous 3Gb/s SATA+- SAS generation. 6Gb/s SAS is designed for backward compatibility with 3Gb/s SAS as well as with 6Gb/s and 3Gb/s SATA hard drives. Regardless of the drive speed, 6Gb/s MegaRAID controllers are designed to deliver significant performance improvements in both read and write applications as compared to their 3Gb/s predecessors.

Connect up to 240 3Gb/s and 6Gb/s SATA and SAS devices

RAID levels 0, 1, 5, and 6 • RAID spans 10, 50 and 60 • Online Capacity Expansion (OCE) • Online RAID Level Migration (RLM) • Auto resume after loss of system power during arrays array rebuild or reconstruction (RLM) • Single controller Multipathing (failover) • Load Balancing • Configurable stripe size up to 1MB • Fast initialization for quick array setup • Check Consistency for background data integrity

LSI SATA+SAS controller

• SSD Support with SSD Guard™Patrol read for m edia scanning and repairing • 64 logical drive support • Up to 64TB LUN support • DDF compliant Configuration on Disk (COD) • S.M.A.R.T support • Global and dedicated Hot Spare with Revertible Hot Spare support – Automatic rebuild – Enclosure affinity – Emergency SATA hot spare for SAS arrays

CPU Memory
ProcessorSupports Redundant Intel®Xeon®processor E5-2600/E5-2600 v2 product family
MemoryUp to 512M Optional:
  • 1. The standard system is shipped without hard drives.
Hard Drive24 x 2.5” Hot-swap hard drives - 6Gb/s SAS is designed for backward compatibility with 3Gb/s SAS as well as with 6Gb/s and 3Gb/s SATA hard drives.
Lan Port2X lan ports
Usb4 usb rear / 2X front
Power Supply
PSU-2R80SZI-RSC-2EH VR02/R2G-5800V/B00R2G080V019/I2C / 800W 1+1 HRP
PSU-2R80SZP-RSC-2EH none
LSI SATA+SAS controllerMegaRAID Management Suite™
MegaRAID Storage Manager™
MegaCLI (command-line interface)
Supported OS
Window Windows 2008/R2 , 2012/R2, HYPER-V
Linux Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu, SUSE, Debian
FreeBSD FreeNAS, NAS4Free
3rd party Nexenta, VMWare
483.2 x 660 x 88 mm , 19 x 26 x 3.5 inchesnone
Heavy-duty preplated SPGC cold-rolled steelnone
Front Panel : BlackFront Panel : Black
Power supply2
Heavy-duty preplated SPGC cold-rolled steelnone
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  • S1800-242U ENTERPRISE STORAGE SOLUTION 12.12.12 pdf (2.99-MB) download
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The Jbod S1800-242U is an external 12 bay RAID subsystem for the S1800 Series. The subsystem provides a multi-lane Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) host interface, delivering exemplary performance for surveillance applications. Scalable with enterprise-level SAS drives or cost-effective SATA drives, the subsystem also enables tiered storage for effective data lifecycle management.
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Desktop Boards + Intel® 7 Series Chipset Boards + Intel® Desktop Board
  • BIOS
    Installs the video graphics driver version
    12.03.05 02.030003 90 download
  • Window
    Installs the video graphics driver version
    12.03.05 2014 113 download
  • Linux
    Installs the video graphics driver version
    12.03.05 1.2 8.6 download